PRCA 3330: Chapters 1&2

Chapter 1: Getting Organized for Writing & Chapter 2: Becoming a Persuasive Writer

After reading Chapters One and Two from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, 6th ed. by Dennis Wilcox and taking the quizzes, I have realized how much writing is used in the PR world. There is a lot of room to make mistakes when writing press releases, etc. I want to be able to become more aware of not using long and drawn out sentences. I feel like that is going to be my main problem!

Chapter One covers the general bases of the writing techniques PR practitioners use. Since writing is one of the five main skills that PR professionals need to perfect, it is extremely important for us as PR majors/minors to learn all we can about the writing process. The tips for success section of the chapter was very helpful in describing the basic ways to improve the way your write.

Chapter Two concerns persuasive writing. I really like this chapter because I am in Persuasion and recently took Rhetoric of Social Movements so I am experienced when it comes to learning how to persuade an audience.

Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis Wilcox

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