PRCA 3330: TOW #4

NewsU: Cleaning Your Copy

1. What did you learn?

  • After reading through the course, I was impressed at how simply put everything was. I feel like I think too deeply into grammar, AP style, punctuation, and spelling. Lay and lie might just be the most complicated grammar problem that I have. It seems simple, but even if I am convinced it is one or the other, I still have a tendency to be wrong. By looking at the 5 short slides provided on lay/lie, I think I might be an expert!

2. What surprised you?

  • What surprises me the most is the fact that there is an actual website like NewsU with a course on grammar, AP style, spelling, and punctuation. I always thought I was the only one who still had a problem with these four topics. I feel better knowing that it confuses a lot of people my age and older. I will definitely be checking back to the website when I have assignments.

3. What do you want to know more about?

  • The main thing I wouldn’t mind learning more about would be AP style. I figure you can never know too much about it, and it is definatley the most new to me. I have been learning grammar, spelling and punctuation my entire life, but I never started leaning AP style until college. With a career in PR it is essesntial to know pretty much everything about AP style so I am always going to be interested in learning everything that I can about it.


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2 responses to “PRCA 3330: TOW #4

  1. I think many people get confused about grammar, because the way we speak is sometimes not always correct. Different regions have different dialects and tendencies to arrange and say words incorrectly. That makes it very hard to change the way you write. I totally agree with you about AP Style. I am pretty good at it now, but last semester was the first time I actually had to apply it. I can definitely always learn more, and I do not think that I will ever know it all! I think I will keep the AP Style Handbook close at all times. The Cleaning Your Copy really helped refresh my grammar skills and teach me a few new things about my weak point as well (style).

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