PRCA 3330 TOW #6

What makes a story newsworthy?

In my opinion, a story is newsworthy when it has the ability to attract interest from an audience,  is unusual in nature, is controversial, has a significance to the reader, plus many more characteristics.  When I am at the grocery store about to check out and glance at the rack of magazines, the headline that is going to catch my eye is going to be something juicy and weird.  Usually this means I am about to spend 5 dollars on a gossip magazine that probably is not even accurate.  There is a substantial difference between what appeals to me when I look at a gossip magazine and what appeals to me when I am reading a newspaper.  Newsworthy stories in the newspaper have to be able to attract a reader mainly by their word choice.  A newspaper doesn’t have the option to add colors or fancy designs like a magazine so the potency of the language used is the key in making people want to read a story.  Whether a story is newsworthy or not depends on the reader and what appeals to them.  I think that it varies from person to person.


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