PRCA 3330: Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Writing the News Release

This was a very important chapter from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, 6th ed. by Dennis Wilcox considering the amount of news releases a career entails.  We wrote around 3 in Intro to Pr so I was not completely unfamiliar, but I definitely could use brushing up.  This chapter helped me re-learn a lot of things I had forgotten since last semester, and taught me more in-depth about writing an effective news release.

Tips for a successful news release:

  1. Provide short headlines that highlight main points
  2. Don’t use generic words
  3. Use creative and descriptive words
  4. Tell the news
  5. Use AP style
  6. Try not to use metaphors
  7. Be creative
  8. Don’t use lame quotes
  9. Write simply
  10. Attract media by writing colorfully

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