PRCA 3330: The Tiger Tornado

I was never really that interested in Tiger Wood’s infamous scandal until the media frenzy surrounding his public announcement was aired.  My Persuasion professor had as watch it and I could not help to think that Woods’ PR people had a lot to accomplish during Tiger’s speech/public apology.  It seemed as though Tiger was not speaking from the heart and relied heavily on PR people to tell him what he needed to cover while giving his speech.  It seemed very laid out and unemotional, as if he didn’t believe in what he was saying.

There was obviously a lot of work that had to be put in to a 10 minute speech, but I would have expected a little more remorse on Tiger’s behalf.  His lack of emotion had nothing to do with his PR people, but I don’t think he should have made a public announcement until he was fully ready to speak from the heart.  I think that maybe his publicity team pushed him to speak on behalf of the issue before they should have.  From experience, I’ve learned that timing means everything in a business that is used to manage the public’s image of certain people.

I think that it is safe to say that Tiger Woods should stay away from the public speaking realm and stick to playing golf.


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7 responses to “PRCA 3330: The Tiger Tornado

  1. It shows that no matter how much work a PR professional does the client still has to coraperate in the way were his/her actions match their own words. A lot of celebrities could avoid the negative press they receive if they actually just did what they said they were going to do. Just as you pointed out Carrie, Tiger is letting others run his life so he can “look good” to the media when he should be thinking about his emotions and the emotions of the people he hurt.

  2. I could not agree with you any more, I feel that Tiger could have but a little more heartfelt in to his speech. He hurt his entire family and it seemed as if he was reading right from the paper. I agree that his PR people had their work cut out for them, that hours of preparation went in to a 10 minute speech. If he want his reputation back he need to get with it and act like it. If I were him I would try and reach out to my fans and let them know I was not perfect and I know I made a mistake but want to make up for it.

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  4. I completely agree with you on this. I think Tiger should have gotten more for his money’s worth with his press conference. I realize he probably felt like he should give the world an update on what was happening with his life and career but the press conference seemed forced. Tiger should have either waited until he felt more contrition for his affairs or he should have mentioned them less. I think he should work more on showing his fans/sponsors that he has changed instead of just saying he’s a better person. But I definitely would not want to be the person responsible for prepping his press conferences in the near future.

    • I have been very disappointed with all of Tiger Wood’s press conferences. I agree that his first press conference wasn’t very sincere on his part. When he was first talking, he was stating how none of the details were anyone’s business but he and his wife. If I was Tiger I would not be attacking the fans and telling them that the details are none of anyone’s business. Tiger needed to speak from the heart and let everyone know that he was sincerely sorry. I want to see him back on the golf course because he is a great athlete, but I could care less what he does from now on in his personal life. The question now is whether people are going to forget about this two or three years from now? I guess we will wait and see.

  5. sharita wilkinson

    Tiger Tiger !! I mean really he should fire his PR team. Entertainment PR needs a wake up call. They assume that America is dumb. However, America allows them off the hook with these ridiculous excuses. I am a sex addict. I guess that is all I need to say to be forgiven when I get caught cheating. The press conference was sad his mother was their but not his wife, which said a lot. I feel as if the mother was used to pull at the heart-strings of America. He comes off as not really caring. The only reason he is apologizing is because he got caught. Half of these women will have never cared for him if he did not have the money he has. But he will lose his career over them.

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