PRCA 3330: “Kell” on Earth… But is it really?

Thanks to living in the middle of nowhere results in not having the Bravo network), I have become completely obsessed by the TV show “Kell on Earth”.  The show is centered around People’s Revolution, a fashion PR company ran by Kelly Cutrone.  Cutrone could probably pass for one of the scariest bosses ever, but my personal opinion is that it would be an honor to work for her.  She is a single mother and runs a successful New York fashion PR company which gives her every right to be tough and outspoken.   I learn more about the Public Relations world just by watching her show, I can’t imagine how much she could teach me if I was one of her employees.  It is easy for people to criticize her for being no-nonsense and brutal, but she knows exactly what she wants to be done when it comes to her company and the people working for her, and I think that is essential to becoming successful in this business.

Kelly has also come out with her first book, “If You Have to Cry, Go Outside… And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You” which is intended as a self-help book for young women.  To sum up the entire book, the trick to leading a successful life is the celebrate the magic inside of yourself. Buy this book


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4 responses to “PRCA 3330: “Kell” on Earth… But is it really?

  1. nicoleleigh2208

    I love watching Kell on earth because she is so real and doesn’t put up with any bs from people. I think it would be hard to work for her but just think of all the stuff you would learn from her.

  2. I totally agree. I feel like I’ve been seeing a lot of bad things written about her on the web. People criticize the show because they think some things aren’t realistic (like the printer breaking in episode 1) but it is a reality TV show, so without drama people aren’t going to watch. Even though I know that working for Peoples Revolution would have me making trips outside often (because I’m sure I would have to cry) I would love to work for someone like Kelly Cutrone. Sometimes the best way to learn is from experience, she doesn’t baby her employees or interns and I think that’s a good thing.

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  4. Carrie-
    I completely love your post about Kelly Cutrone. I have watched the show “Kell on Earth” as well and I really think that she would be an amazing person to work for. Although she is a little harsh and does not put up with much, I think that it would teach people to strive for perfection all of the time. I have even thought about reading her new book because I love her dry sense of humor and deep down, I really do think that she cares for the people that work for her. By the way, your blog is awesome!!
    –Shelley Martin

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