PRCA 3330: Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Preparing Fact Sheets, Advisories, Media Kits, and Pitches

This chapter from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, 6th ed. by Dennis Wilcox was educational because no matter what field of public relations you work in, it is essential to know what goes into a media kit and the process of distributing them to different companies or newspapers.  Putting together a media kit gives you an opportunity to use some creativity instead of using straight facts like you would in a fact sheet, advisory and pitch.

Media kits are prepared for editors and reporters to help them write about a major event or new product launch.  Media kits include:

  • A main news release
  • A news feature
  • Fact sheets on the product, organization, or event
  • Background information
  • Photos and drawings with captions
  • Biographical material on the spokesperson or senior executive
  • Basic brochures

Every media kit varies for different events or products, which adds a little spice to creating one.  I personally think that the most captivating part of the media kit is bright and colorful pictures with captions that will catch the eye of editors and reporters so they want to know more about what you are promoting because it appeals to them visually.  The main goal is to create a media kit that is not boring and plain, but not overly expressive.  Recently, electronic media kits have become more and more popular which makes it harder to be creative when everything has to be in a certain electronic template.  A major plus of an electronic media kit are that it can reach a wider audience of consumers and it costs less than a traditional media kit.


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