PRCA 3330: Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Selecting Publicity Photos and Graphics

I am finally starting to really get interested in what I am learning from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis Wilcox because we’re finally getting into techniques and tools used by publicists.  Which by now if you have been reading my blog is my ideal/dream job.

Applying this chapter to a job where I would represent celebrity clients is going to be my main focus when reviewing this chapter.  Publicity photos are used in the media to add interest to a topic and create excitement in an audience.  When representing a high profile client that has been caught up in a negative media firestorm, a good publicity photo can help ease an unfavorable public opinion.

In my opinion, a photograph’s composition, camera angle and lighting are the three most important aspects when taking a photo to depict a person in a positive way.

  • Composition:  The picture should be focused on the individual being featured, instead of complicated background images.  This allows the audience to see a person for what they are, a human being, just like them.  If an audience can identify with a high profile celebrity with a negative reputation they will be more likely to begin accepting them.
  • Camera angle: Certain camera angles, such as an extreme close up, can be useful when managing a person’s image.  It shows the audience an up close and personal take on a person, minus material things that are so often captured when photographing celebrities.
  • Lighting: The lighting that exists in a photograph has an effect on the emotions a picture can evoke in an audience.  It can be used to highlight a key element in a photograph.  In this case, a person’s facial expression.

This picture of Heidi Montag after negative press surrounding her multiple plastic surgery procedures  illustrates all of the elements listed above:

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