PRCA 3330: TOW #9&10

PR OpenMic? Next obsession.

What did you learn?

  • I learned that there is actually a social networking site just for PR people.  Throughout the semester, the assignments for joining WordPress, Twitter and Pr OpenMic have continued to open my eyes to the wide world of public relations.  There are so many people to connect with that share the same interests in image management, promotions, and event planning. I am learning that it is never too early to network with PR professionals because they are always available to give advice to PR students. The amount of effort people already working in this field put in to educate and network with young people is outstanding!

What surprised you?

  • Upon joining PR OpenMic I was surprised to see how similar to Facebook it appeared to be.  It mimics the concept of Facebook heavily which made it easier for me to use, unlike when I started blogging and using Twitter.  I had no idea there was a networking website that focused solely on PR professionals, professors and students before this assignment.  I consider myself lucky that I have the opportunity to use PR OpenMic because I feel as though most other fields of study don’t have the support from other people in their line of work as we do in public relations.  It continues to surprise me the amount of help and advice PR professionals are willing to give students majoring in public relations.

What do you want to know more about?

  • I definitely want to take more time to explore PR OpenMic and network with a lot of other people in the PR field.  There are a million more things for me to be taught before I will be able to become a successful public relations professional that I can learn using PR OpenMic. This website will prove to be a great tool for me to find internships and be notified with job opportunities… once I figure out how to navigate the website more efficiently!  I plan on building an impressive profile and I am committed to dedicating more time to PR OpenMic for the remainder of the semester and into the years to come!

Things I encountered:

  1. The groups/events section of PR Open Mic was very useful.  I was able to join groups for students in PR majors all over the country.  This will help me connect with other people studying in this field and gives me another outlet for networking.  I also was able to join groups based on cities I am interested in working in. Groups/Events on PR OpenMic.
  2. I was really happy to see a section on PR OpenMic for jobs/internships.  When it comes time for me to start looking for a job, this will be the first tool I use.  It also showed me different PR Firms that exist for me to explore and find out more about to see if I would like to work for them in the future. Jobs/Internships on PR OpenMic.
  3. PR News was also a helpful aspect of joining PR OpenMic.  Using this part of the website will provide me with news of what’s going on in the PR World.  It will give me more information to blog and tweet about. PR News on PR OpenMic.

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