PRCA 3330: Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Distributing News to the Media

Figuring out what media channels to use when deciding where to distribute information is vital to public relations practitioners.  Publicity materials are most commonly distributed using e-mail, online newsrooms, electronic newswires, feature placement firms, or photo placement firms.  According to Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques 6th edition by Dennis Wilcox, It is important to note that each of these channels has advantages and disadvantages.


  • Advantages: less intrusive than a phone call, more convenient for reader, easy to engage in an e-mail dialogue
  • Disadvantages: not getting noticed in a high traffic inbox, spamming

-Online Newsroom

  • Advantages: often the first place journalists turn to for basic information about an organization, product, or service
  • Disadvantages: information may no be frequently updated

-Electronic Newswires

  • Advantages: timely, immediate delivery of a large amount of material via a website that can be easily accessed by everyone in the news department
  • Disadvantages: Costly

-Feature Placement Firms

  • Advantages: can reach suburban newspapers and small weeklies, remains relevant over period of time
  • Disadvantages: don’t allow creativity

-Photo Placement Firms:

  • Advantages: distribute high-resolution publicity photos on an international basis, make it possible to index images for access by search engines
  • Disadvantages: none noted

Among the five distribution channels noted, there are many more to consider.  It is esential to learn about each outlet for news distribution because it varies from audience to audience.


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