PRCA 3330: TOW #14

News University: Five Steps to MultiMedia Storytelling

What did you learn?

  • Before taking the course, I had no idea there was a different process in multimedia reporting than in other reporting methods. There are five steps that are crucial when multimedia storytelling that are clearly outlined throughout the course: choosing a story, making a storyboard, reporting with multimedia, editing for the web, and producing the story.  Each of the steps have distinct elements that need to be included in order for the multimedia report to appeal to audiences and be newsworthy.  When choosing a multimedia piece, it is essential for it to have an action, process and a person who can give strong quotes. I also found it important to know the guidelines for using different media in multimedia storytelling:
  1. Video: Keep videos short, keep talking heads to a minimum, use effective b-roll, avoid action shots with a lot of movement
  2. Audio: Use only high quality audio, use subtitles, avoid background music
  3. Still photos: use to replace words not accessorize words, put text directly on photos if wanted
  4. Graphics: make them interactive, animate them
  5. Text: Save for what is left after you’ve put as much information as possible into other media, use for display type

What surprised you?

  • The major thing that surprised me is the part of the course explaining how to make a storyboard and it became clear to me how much work has to be put into a storyboard.  In movies I have seen in the past, I thought I was familiar with what a storyboard was, but it consists of a lot more elements than I thought it did. First, you have to divide the story into logical, nonlinear parts.  Different elements of the storyboard may include a nut graph, profiles of main characters, pros and cons, the main event, and so forth.  The next step is identifying the media to use for each element and figuring out which medium(video, audio, text, etc.) works best for each part.  The last step is actually sketching the storyboard which clearly organizes the story.

What do you want to know more about?

  • I would like to see a lot more examples of multimedia storytelling because it seems like it is complicated to learn.  It would be easier for me to understand the process of multimedia reporting by seeing them instead of reading about them!



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2 responses to “PRCA 3330: TOW #14

  1. matidmore

    It is interesting to see the jump from the “old school” ways of PR to the new ways online. When I took PR writing it was mainly focused on the Press Releases and what we would be turning into medias in a hard copy to get in newspapers. It wasn’t even that long ago either, I’m talking like last year. LOL. But now that I have seen how important the internet is to the PR industry, I know that most of what we will be doing in our job will be involving the online identity of the company. Good post

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