Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

Chelsea Handler is a hilarious comedian with her own hit TV show on the E! Network called “Chelsea Lately”.  She has also written three books: “Are You There Vodka, It’s Me, Chelsea”, “My Horizontal Life”, and most recently, “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang”.  I was surfing the internet and came across this really hilarious clip of Chelsea from her book promotion tour on the Ellen Degeneres show.  It cracks me up how she uses humor in order to bring in an audience.  She uses her crazy childhood and pokes fun at her parents as her main focus for her material.

I feel like a lot of authors, or celebrities are very mechanical when they do their promotional tours.  They discuss the same thing over and over, but you never know what to expect from Chelsea Handler.  I have seen her on multiple shows and she always talks about something different, but never fails to be entertaining.  I think that it is important for her publicist to just put her on a wide variety other peoples shows to promote her book or TV show because she captivates a crowd very easily and can appeal to many different groups of people.  She would be the dream celebrity for a publicist to work for, she seems very easy to get along with and interesting!


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2 responses to “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

  1. I think Chelsea Handler is hilarious. I’ve watched Chelsea Lately a couple times with my sister and each time I watch her there is always some type of humor to the things she says. She has a great sense of sarcasm and confidence. I did not realize that she has written any books though. I too agree that other celebrities can be mechanical when promoting things. I’ve noticed too that many people just repeat the same lines over and over. I am sure Chelsea Handler’s books are just as funny as her show and her appearances on other television shows.

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