5 PR Myths

1. PR and Advertising are the same

  • PR campaigns are persuasive and communicated through non-paid third parties while advertising consists of paid placement with a controlled message

2. There’s no such thing as bad publicity

  • Legitimate businesses, as well as people, can be screwed from bad publicity

3.  Good PR means getting your name in the press

  • Positive media exposure is a good thing, but in most cases it shouldn’t be the sole focus of a PR campaign. A mention of your name in a newspaper does little to build your brand.  Other communications vehicles also have to be used.

4. PR professional distort the truth

  • PR professionals communicate useful, factual news to a targeted audience to benefit their client.

5. PR people don’t need social media

  • PR people use social media tools to reach thier target audience directly, as well as monitoring the buzz about a brand, person, or company.

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