The SPINdustry

The SPINdustry is about Miami-based firm Command PR which focuses on “celebrity branding”, which means pairing celebrities with brands.  They are seen convincing celebrities to endore different brands.  The part of the TV show that really grinds my gears is referring to PR people as “spin doctors” is a negative connotation with the industry.  It tends to be communicated throughout the television series that PR professionals publicize favorable interpretations and not the complete truth.  This has been a common misconception that the PR industry has been trying to seperate themselves from and bringing the word “spin” back into the public sphere is only de-crediting PR people everywhere.

This clip demonstrates what the people on the SPINdustry do and make everything look really easy.  It provides the audience with the idea that PR is simple and there is nothing to it when that is not the case whatsoever. I think that this show makes the PR industry look like a joke.  Public relations is more than just hanging out with celebrities and playing around at events. They don’t take into account the amount of people who are actually in college studying Public Relations as a legitimate career choice and glamorize it to make people think anyone can do it.

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