What is out there for me in the PR World?

The two types of jobs in the field of Public Relations that I found the most interesting are publicists and event planners. Before graduating and going out into the PR field to find a job, I thought it might help me and my classmates to examine a few of the different opportunities we can pursue with a degree in Public Relations.

Publicist (From What Does a Publicist do?)

  • Work to increase public interest in their client
  • Create buzz for their clients and help them further build their brand.
  • Perform “damage control” when a client or business damages their reputation
  • Employed by large firms based in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and other metropolitan cities

Event Planner (From What Does an Event Planner Do?)

  • Coordinates the logistical and operational aspects of an event or meeting
  • Work in a diverse range of social and private settings
  • Must conduct the required research, establish expected outcomes and produce outlines of events
  • Locate a site, catering, decorations, entertainment, travel arrangements and arranging for accommodations

These are two of the fields I am looking to get an internship or entry-level job in upon graduating. I think that they both sounds amazing and I feel like after studying PR I will be well equipped for either one of these jobs!

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One response to “What is out there for me in the PR World?

  1. I really found this blog post beneficial. The main thing that I want to do with Public Relations is event planning…and what I want to do even more is plan weddings! It has always been a dream of mine, and these links really helped give me ideas as to how I can get started. The part about working in a diverse areas of interests reminded me that I am going to have to work my way to the top before I can have my dream job of planning weddings. When I went to the site that was linked to this blog, it gave me a list with a variety of other events that I was interested in planning. Such as fashion shows, anniversaries, and birthday parties.

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