The Windy City

Oh, the job hunt continues. I have religiously been sending out resumes, and luckily I had one positive response from Chicago that I was really excited about. The more I keep looking for jobs in my top 5 cities I wanted to move to they all keep coming back to Chicago. It is just so crazy for me to think I will probably be living in a city where I know nobody in 2 months. Moving will probably be the most exciting/scary thing I will ever do but will give me the chance for a fresh start. As much as I loved living in Massachusetts and going to college in Georgia, I think it is time for me to move on. I have never exactly fit in in the South and I know in my heart I belong in the North… or Midwest in this case!

I think the hardest thing about looking for a job is writing cover letters. They will be the death of me so if anyone has any tips, please let me know! I am way to humble to write an entire letter bragging about myself and my capabilities. I think it is time for me to recognize what an amazing PR professional I will be and be able to put it in writing!

My mom has played a major role in my decision to move to Chicago. She has a lot of connections up there that will be able to help me out and become adjusted to the city. I just really hope I am making the right decision because for the longest time I was all about moving to NYC and it seems like the tables have turned. Moving to Chicago right after graduation doesn’t mean I will never make it to The Big Aple though… I atleast want to live there at some point!

With the positive feedback I got this morning, I am feeling a lot more confident in my job search. Hopefully good things keep on coming!

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