The Windy City

Oh, the job hunt continues. I have religiously been sending out resumes, and luckily I had one positive response from Chicago that I was really excited about. The more I keep looking for jobs in my top 5 cities I wanted to move to they all keep coming back to Chicago. It is just so crazy for me to think I will probably be living in a city where I know nobody in 2 months. Moving will probably be the most exciting/scary thing I will ever do but will give me the chance for a fresh start. As much as I loved living in Massachusetts and going to college in Georgia, I think it is time for me to move on. I have never exactly fit in in the South and I know in my heart I belong in the North… or Midwest in this case!

I think the hardest thing about looking for a job is writing cover letters. They will be the death of me so if anyone has any tips, please let me know! I am way to humble to write an entire letter bragging about myself and my capabilities. I think it is time for me to recognize what an amazing PR professional I will be and be able to put it in writing!

My mom has played a major role in my decision to move to Chicago. She has a lot of connections up there that will be able to help me out and become adjusted to the city. I just really hope I am making the right decision because for the longest time I was all about moving to NYC and it seems like the tables have turned. Moving to Chicago right after graduation doesn’t mean I will never make it to The Big Aple though… I atleast want to live there at some point!

With the positive feedback I got this morning, I am feeling a lot more confident in my job search. Hopefully good things keep on coming!

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Back to Blogging

After taking a long break from blogging this summer, I have decided to start back up again. I want to use my blog as a means to document my job-hunting experience as December graduation is approaching. Also, writing in my blog has always helped me improve my writing skills. Now that I no longer have 20 page communication arts research papers to write I think I might get slightly bored.

I’m finally in my last batch of PR classes. These classes include:

  • PR Campaign Strategies
  • PR Practicum
  • PR Firms
  • and lastly, PR Publications

In addition to taking classes, I am currently interning at the Statesboro Convention and Visitor’s Bureau where I have been spending a lot of my time promoting and attending the town’s farmer’s market(Mainstreet Farmer’s Market, if you’re in the area you should go!), using Adobe InDesign to create brochures and fliers and meeting community members. My main project for the semester is to design and create a box of recipe cards using ingredients that can be bought at the farmer’s market. I have already made a “Tour Planner Guide” for Statesboro and am working on a guide to Pick-Your-Own farms in Southeast Georgia on the side.

In addition to THAT, I am also volunteering at WVGS 91.9 The Buzz radio station on the Georgia Southern campus as their Public Relations Manager. I normally spend my time updating their social media channels and most recently I was given the opportunity to do a voice-over for the introduction to one of the radio shows.

I’m really hoping this semester gives me as much experience in the PR field as possible so I can be completely ready to have a job upon graduation. I am definitely sticking to applying for jobs in a major U.S. city. It has always been my dream to live somewhere big.  If I were to rate where I want to work on a scale 1-5 it would be as follows:

  1. NYC
  2. Boston
  3. Chicago
  4. Seattle
  5. Atlanta

I have decided to use Adobe InDesign to make a more creative resume(don’t get scared… not too artsy!). I just want to stand out from other applicants and make a name for myself and hopefully I can find an employer who will appreciate the individual spin my resume will have!

Well that is it for now!

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What is out there for me in the PR World?

The two types of jobs in the field of Public Relations that I found the most interesting are publicists and event planners. Before graduating and going out into the PR field to find a job, I thought it might help me and my classmates to examine a few of the different opportunities we can pursue with a degree in Public Relations.

Publicist (From What Does a Publicist do?)

  • Work to increase public interest in their client
  • Create buzz for their clients and help them further build their brand.
  • Perform “damage control” when a client or business damages their reputation
  • Employed by large firms based in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and other metropolitan cities

Event Planner (From What Does an Event Planner Do?)

  • Coordinates the logistical and operational aspects of an event or meeting
  • Work in a diverse range of social and private settings
  • Must conduct the required research, establish expected outcomes and produce outlines of events
  • Locate a site, catering, decorations, entertainment, travel arrangements and arranging for accommodations

These are two of the fields I am looking to get an internship or entry-level job in upon graduating. I think that they both sounds amazing and I feel like after studying PR I will be well equipped for either one of these jobs!

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Getting Started on Social Media

Social Media is becoming a huge component of Public Relations. It is important for PR students to learn how to use different social media channels before departing into the PR world. I have compiled a list of websites that are dedicated to educating people on how to make thier mark using social media.




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5 PR Myths

1. PR and Advertising are the same

  • PR campaigns are persuasive and communicated through non-paid third parties while advertising consists of paid placement with a controlled message

2. There’s no such thing as bad publicity

  • Legitimate businesses, as well as people, can be screwed from bad publicity

3.  Good PR means getting your name in the press

  • Positive media exposure is a good thing, but in most cases it shouldn’t be the sole focus of a PR campaign. A mention of your name in a newspaper does little to build your brand.  Other communications vehicles also have to be used.

4. PR professional distort the truth

  • PR professionals communicate useful, factual news to a targeted audience to benefit their client.

5. PR people don’t need social media

  • PR people use social media tools to reach thier target audience directly, as well as monitoring the buzz about a brand, person, or company.

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The SPINdustry

The SPINdustry is about Miami-based firm Command PR which focuses on “celebrity branding”, which means pairing celebrities with brands.  They are seen convincing celebrities to endore different brands.  The part of the TV show that really grinds my gears is referring to PR people as “spin doctors” is a negative connotation with the industry.  It tends to be communicated throughout the television series that PR professionals publicize favorable interpretations and not the complete truth.  This has been a common misconception that the PR industry has been trying to seperate themselves from and bringing the word “spin” back into the public sphere is only de-crediting PR people everywhere.

This clip demonstrates what the people on the SPINdustry do and make everything look really easy.  It provides the audience with the idea that PR is simple and there is nothing to it when that is not the case whatsoever. I think that this show makes the PR industry look like a joke.  Public relations is more than just hanging out with celebrities and playing around at events. They don’t take into account the amount of people who are actually in college studying Public Relations as a legitimate career choice and glamorize it to make people think anyone can do it.

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Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

Chelsea Handler is a hilarious comedian with her own hit TV show on the E! Network called “Chelsea Lately”.  She has also written three books: “Are You There Vodka, It’s Me, Chelsea”, “My Horizontal Life”, and most recently, “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang”.  I was surfing the internet and came across this really hilarious clip of Chelsea from her book promotion tour on the Ellen Degeneres show.  It cracks me up how she uses humor in order to bring in an audience.  She uses her crazy childhood and pokes fun at her parents as her main focus for her material.

I feel like a lot of authors, or celebrities are very mechanical when they do their promotional tours.  They discuss the same thing over and over, but you never know what to expect from Chelsea Handler.  I have seen her on multiple shows and she always talks about something different, but never fails to be entertaining.  I think that it is important for her publicist to just put her on a wide variety other peoples shows to promote her book or TV show because she captivates a crowd very easily and can appeal to many different groups of people.  She would be the dream celebrity for a publicist to work for, she seems very easy to get along with and interesting!


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