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PRCA 3330: Writer’s Block or Laziness?

After finally figuring out how to make a Blog Roll on the side of my page so I could make links to my PRCA 3330 classmate’s blogs, I noticed a considerable amount of blogs that haven’t been updated in weeks, even months. My hope is that the students who haven’t updated since week 3 have dropped the class… No offense. I know that there have been some times throughout the semester where I forgot to post my reading notes or was a little late on a TOW post, but no updates since the 3rd week? Come on, people. Don’t make us all look bad!

As Public Relations majors, blogging, tweeting and facebooking comes with the trade and in order to be successful in this field it is essential we learn the basics of social media outlets now before being thrown into the workforce.

To hopefully help out my classmates who have been lagging in updating their blogs, I have compiled some tips that I found helpful when creating blog posts:

  • Share your opinion. People want to know what other people are thinking. Even if you feel stupid writing about your thoughts, it may entertain other people and help build interest in your blog!
  • Use links when writing a blog post. This helps back up what you’re saying and creates credibility for your blog. People will listen and accept individuals who they can trust.
  • Interact with other bloggers.  I know from experience that when someone leaves me a comment I immediately check out their blog.  Most likely, I will leave them a comment too!
  • Be yourself. Other bloggers will be able to appreciate that you are not just blogging what you think people want to hear.
  • Use pictures in your blog post. This makes your blog more visually attractive which will result in more visitors!

I can only hope that some of my classmates can pull themselves out of thier writer’s block and start making some creative and interesting blog posts!

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PRCA 3330: TOW #2

Blogging… “I’m loving it”

Better late than never for my Week Two TOW.  After browsing the Grammar Girl blog, one entry really caught my eye and sparked some interest.  McDonald’s famous and catchy slogan, “I’m loving it”, raises some serious question about whether or not the slogan is incorrect grammar or cutting edge in the grammar world.  Is it possible to use verbs like “to love” in a progressive progessive tense?

Thanks to the McDonald’s slogan, Justin Timberlake’s song lyrics, and Paris Hilton’s “loves it”, it seems that the use of supposed incorrect grammar is becoming more and more popular.

  1. What did you learn?  I learned that when it comes to verbs, you have to be very careful choosing the correct tense.  The “I’m loving it” slogan would have never struck me as being incorrect.  I think it is because we live in a worlde where we hear incorrect grammar constantly. If I didn’t grow up learning the English language, I don’t think I could ever learn it.  There is so many complicated rules!
  2. What surprised you?  The thing about the blog post that surprised me is the fact that “I’m loving it” could be considered incorrect.  I am so used to hearing it in the media that it just seems accurate.
  3. What do you want to know more about?  I am interested to find out what other popular terms are considered incorrect.  I think that a lot of companies use incorrect slogans because they draw attention to what they are trying to promote.  When something sounds strange, it is more likely that audiences will remember.

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