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But is it Facebook Official?

Facebook “relationship statuses” have ultimately changed the world of dating. On a daily basis I hear people asking, “Well, is it Facebook official?”. Since when does having a boyfriend/girlfriend mean you’re expected to announce it to an entire social media site? Now, I have been on the other side of the fence where I was completely consumed with whether or not the guy I was dating would put “in a relationship” on his profile. I started to realize my obsession with a “Facebook relationship” was territorial in the sense that I truely believed if other girls saw he was committed then they’d back off. If he was in a relationship status with me, he would never cheat because “hello, it’s Facebook official, there is no way that could happen!”. For the most part, a rinky-dink Facebook relationship was not going to stop a girl from talking to my boyfriend or prevent my boyfriend from being unfaithful, IT’S JUST TEXT..WORDS.. AN INCOMPLETE SENTENCE. It doesn’t nurture or maintain a relationship, that is done through your personal face-to-face interactions with one another, which in my opinion makes a Facebook relationship status completely insignificant.

Why you should not put your relationship status on Facebook:

  1. Nosey people. People use Facebook to procrastinate, some even stay on the site for hours at a time. This gives others the chance to monitor your personal relationship because it is on your profile for the entire world to see. In my personal experience, I’ve learned that the more people know/talk about your relationship, the more drama.
  2. Public scrutiny. Based off of nosey people, public scrutiny is next on the list. Example: “OMG, Did you hear about how John was talking to Mallory back and forth on his status update? You know his girlfriend, Jill, had to of seen it… and Jill is still with him! She is so dumb”. Enough said.
  3. Break-ups. What is worse when newsfeed announces that you have gone from “In a relationship” to “Single”? Then to rub more salt into the wound, Facebook gives everyone the ability to “like” or “comment” on your recently changed relationship status. Relationships are between you and your boyfriend/girlfriend, it is absolutely unnecessary for anyone to have the opportunity to give thier two cents on your break-up. The emotional connotation associated with having to remove a relationship status is quite silly when you actually think about it.

What I am getting at here is that a Facebook relationship status should not sum up your real-life relationship or how you feel about yourself. Facebook should never define how official your relationship is, that is something that you decide. Like I said before, it’s only a group of words.

Call me old fashioned, but lets go back to the days where giving a girl your letter jacket and getting a malt with a guy at the local diner was enough for people to be content in thier relationships.

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