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PRCA 3330: TOW #12

Inside PR #199- Wednesday, April 7, 2010 Podcast (Click the link to listen to it!)

Explore where PR is and where it’s heading weekly

Discuss interview with Dave Senay

-Thought a tweet saying he is “out of touch” because he doesn’t tweet and admitted to sometimes using a ghost writer on his internal blog was unfair.

  • Argues Sinay knows what he is doing because he has a global job of running one of the biggest PR Firms in the world (Fleishman-Hillard)
  • He always rewrites his blog posts made by the ghost writer
  • He doesn’t use Twitter because he doesn’t consider it helpful to him
  • Argues there is nothing wrong with editing blog posts/making writing better

-Recite interesting quotations from Sinay in the interview

  • Look for new ways/services to expand PR
  • Elaborate on not worrying about what is news today will not be tomorrow because there will be another big thing to focus on
  • Understand what is going on, make good decisions and move quickly
  • So much excitement in PR, he (Sinay) would trade places with a 24 year old entering the PR field

-Encouraged by Dave Sinay’s insights from the interview

Three tips to students and new PR grads about reaching out to professionals

  1. Do your research. Is this the right organization for you? Are you passionate about what the firm/organization does?
  2. Make them take notice.  Too many generic applications. Stand out!
  3. Leave your ego at the door. Be politely persistent.

Managing staff

-Outline goals for the year

-The objectives have to be specific and measurable

Listening to PR podcasts is definitely beneficial to PR students and PR practitioners.  After listening to the podcast, I want to listen to more! I think that they provide great tips to PR students who are about to enter the PR world, especially during the segment in the podcast I listened to.  They also provide up to date news specifically on what is going on in PR and allows students as well as practitioners to stay up to date.  In a field like public relations it is essential to constantly know what is going on as we have previously learned.  They can benefit PR practitioners because I think they give good advice on employee relations among other things. I am going to make a point to listen to at least one PR podcast a week because I think it will help raise my awareness to real world PR issues that I wouldn’t know about by just attending my PR classes.

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