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PRCA 3330: Social Media News Release

A Social Media News Release is a press release that is designed for the online media world (according to realwire).   An SMNR makes it possible to embed a news release with high-resolution photos/graphics, video and audio components (Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques 6th ed.).  With the evolution of social media increasing daily, the old news release format seems dull and old fashioned.  Using SMNRs, the press release is available to a wide range of audiences and is designed specifically for the online community.  Social media tags included in the SNMR allow social bookmarking sites, such as del.icio.us and Digg, to increase search engine ratings of the release and drive the targeted traffic to an organization’s website (Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques 6th ed.).

What are advantages and disadvantages of using SMNRs?

-Advantages (with help from pr ninja) include:

  • The speed in which they are communicated
  • The ability to link users to additional information on the topic
  • Members of the media can be directly linked to company websites, videos, podcasts, etc. directly
  • Give people the chance to post comments

-Disadvantages include:

  • An overabundance of links or graphics can defer attention from the main message
  • They can only be used online because they are multi-dimensional

When should a PR practitioner consider using a SMNR?

  • A PR practitioner should consider using an SMNR when they need to reach a broad range of people because an SMNR will allow them to connect their content across different social networks.  The ability to include graphics and videos would help a PR practitioner when they are working to launch a new product or service.  People would be able to see exactly what is being promoted and how it works visually.  It can also be useful when a PR practitioner is looking for two-way communication and want feedback on what they are conveying because the audience is able to leave comments.

Two sites that would be useful when creating a Social Media News Release are:

  • Copyblogger.  This blog gives some creative tips when it comes to making changes to the traditional press release in order to make it successful as a SMNR.
  • How to Write and Distribute a Social Media News Release.  This blog post explains what the SMNR is, how to distribute it and most importantly, a few tips to get a PR practitioner or student started on a Social Media News Release.

A Social Media News Release:

Tips for creating an SMNR (with help from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques 6th ed. and How to Write and Distribute a Social Media News Release):

  • Don’t use too many graphics, videos, or links, it will draw focus away from the key message.
  • Use headlines or first paragraphs to position key terms.
  • Focus mainly on conveying your message, and then add the extra bells and whistles.
  • Use high-resolution multimedia.
  • Use services that carry hyperlink to downstream sites such as Yahoo! Finance, AOL News, and Netscape to distribute the SMNR.
  • Always look for new and creative ways to tweak the SMNR

It is evident that we are living in a world that evolves around social media and the SMNR is another advancement in distributing information to an audience… in a much more fun, effective and creative way!

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