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You’ve been ICED!

On college campuses throughout America “bros” (and even girls when they have evil boyfriends) have been getting “iced” in a guerilla marketing campaign is called “Bros Icing Bros”. What exactly does getting “iced” entail? First, you’ll need to understand what it is: a game where the antagonist cleverly hids a bottle of Smirnoff Ice and must figure out a way to get the victim to unknowingly find it. Then the victim will have to chug the drink on his knees. However, if the victim happens to be carrying a bottle of Smirnoff Ice, he can reverse the attack and the antagonist will have to drink both bottles. For example, the antagonist hids a Smirnoff Ice in a cooler and says, “Hey bro, can you hand me another drink from my cooler”. The victim says, “Sure” and opens the cooler only to find he has been “iced”. He then has to get down on his knee and chug the bottle wherever he is.

Smirnoff denies being behind the elaborate viral marketing campaign saying, “Icing is consumer-generated, and some people think it is fun”. In June, Smirnoff shut down the “Bros Icing Bros” website which allows “bros” to upload photos of themselves or friends being “iced”. Despite this, Smirnoff has been raking in icing-related sales. “Bros Icing Bros” tapped into a demographic that would not typically consume a fruit-flavored malt beverage: The “bro”. The “bro” is considered to be the typical masculine male that would be viewed as socially unacceptable if seen drinking a Smirnoff Ice or refusing an “ice”. New York Times has called the game “the nation’s biggest viral drinking game”.

Although Smirnoff wants no part in “Bros Icing Bros”, “icing” does not seem to be losing any steam. Even without a website, “bros” still find ways to share thier most hilarious picture of someone being iced through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. In my opinion, this campaign is extremely successful in reaching a demographic that would never buy Smirnoff Ice and whether or not Smirnoff likes it (which they probably secretly do, I mean, they are making more money through “icing” than they were before!), it’s most likely here to stay.

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